Tuesday, May 10, 2016

9 Ways to Shed Pounds

If your resolution of weight lose has been faded out and your swimsuit body has not arrived, you should give up over the hope of weight-loss effort. You might have tried many diet plans but have landed up with no results. Isn’t it? The truth behind this failure is some plans lead to your weight and some lead to long-term weight-lose plans. In spite of knowing this fact, Americans spend dollars in achieving a perfect body. Most of the diet-plans cause individuals to starve that prevails over-eating habits.
What if we make little changes in the diet plan? To make the weightloss diet plan simpler and easier start with small targets, here are the small changes that you must follow to lose weight:
  1. Put Aside the Veggies from Your Vision
A famous nutrition journal in America found that adding up pureed cauliflower, carrot to bread or any other pasta recipe resulted in increased fiber content and a calorie deficient food. So, avoid having them
  1. Avoid High Fat Dips Such as High Sugar Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and Ranch Dip, Prefer Hummus
It is the best to increase fiber content thus, saving an average of 250 calories.
  1. Replace the Cheese from Sandwiches
Removing the cheese from the sandwiches will not only make your food tasty but also save 500 calories.
  1. Substitute Yogurt with Sour Cream
It saves 175 calories per half cup. The thick, rich and tangy Greek yogurt is great to substitute for sour cream. This is the best substitute and can be used in salad dressings, dips and also in garnishing chilled soups.
  1. Drink Black Coffee
Do you know black coffee acts as a catalyst in weight loss? Isn’t it surprising? Yes, it acts as a catalyst in losing weight, rich in caffeine, and is calorie-free.
  1. Use Cooking Spray in Place of Butter or Oil
Though butter has been considered well for health as per many experts, but still avoid recipes that call for lots of it. An alternate to butter is cooking spray that promises the taste of the butter and above all these, it is good for keeping the fat level low
  1. Do Not Eat Outside
Making your meals at your home is the best way to lower down the calories. It is estimated that you can save 1000 calories by eating homely-food. Just think about it! Why the food of restaurant is so cheesy and heavy? The reason behind this is that there is a high amount of fat, sodium and sugar, which contains more fat and calories than the homely food.
  1. Limit the Amount of Soft Drinks
Eliminate the soft drinks, soda, and especially the coffee that saves between 500 to 700 calories a day.
  1. In case You Went to Eat Out, Add Salad to Your Food
Make sure that you add salad dressing that would help to control the amount of sugar added to your food. Not only this, it can save up to 400 calories.

Follow these effective 9 ways to shed pounds and look slim. 

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